Year-End Offering

November 19, 2020


Dear Kossuth Friends and Family,


As we near the close of 2020, we have much to celebrate as a church family. Despite the difficulties we have experienced, God has done great things in us and through us. This truly is a time to be grateful.


I am excited about what is ahead for our church family and I want to put an opportunity in front of you to consider partnering in. Our 2020 year-end offering is called Open it Up! We want to open up our building space in strategic ways for more effective disciple-making ministry.

Open up the Foyer: What has historically been a passing space has now become a connecting place for disciple-making relationships. This is a strategic area for great conversations and ministry which we want to foster with more intentional seating, signage, and space. It’s time to open it up in ways that welcome and connect people to people more effectively. 


Open up the Second Level: Great ministry takes place upstairs. However, not everyone can access that space since the stairs prohibit some. We value our intergenerational mindset and yet our building doesn’t support that. It’s time to open up access with an elevator so that every member of our church and guests of all abilities can access every area of our building.


Open up the Nursery and Two’s Wing: We love shaping young minds toward Jesus Christ and we do a great job at it. In some ways, too good of a job because we are running out of space. Also, while we do well to provide a safe and welcoming environment, we desire some safety and security upgrades to that wing. It’s time to open it up with more space, more visibility, and the greater ability to care safely for our children.


The Guaranteed Maximum Price will be brought before church members for a final vote in early 2021. This Year End Offering is one key way to fund this important building revamp project and we are asking God to provide $75,000 toward the overall cost.  Thank you for prayerfully considering this exciting opportunity. If you would like to join us, simply designate your gift using the enclosed envelope or by marking it “YEO.” You can also visit to give online by December 31. Every single penny you give will go toward this building revamp opportunity.


Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Abraham Cremeens

Pastor of Discipleship, Lead Elder

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