Pray for Us

by Abraham Cremeens

Good relationships are hard to come by and so are good teams. Both are gifts when they come your way.

I am deeply excited about the Elder Team of Kossuth Street Baptist Church not only because these five men are my friends but also because of the ways we have learned to work well together. As a team, we have reflected much on where we have been and where we are going. To give you a window into some of those thoughts, I would like to share three celebrations and three ways you can pray for us this year.


  1. Thank God for the trust in our team. Working together through hard situations over the years has built some strong bonds. We have learned that we can count on one another. Earlier this month we walked through our annual affirmation process as is spelled out in our constitution. I appreciated the transparency in the room as we were able to speak freely and openly. Lines of communication are more open than ever before and I thank God for that. 
  2. Thank God for the teamwork we are experiencing. Our efficiency is improving with every month we work together. We are identifying helpful resources and processes to stay on top of projects and keep one another in the loop. We are learning from mistakes and pursuing clarity where it is needed. We are getting the right things done.
  3. Thank God for the variety of gifts and strengths on the team. We are not all the same. That is good. We are learning to tap into those differences. Our team thrives as each elder does his best work within his specific strengths and gifting. That has been exciting to experience. 


  1. This weekend we will enjoy time together as an elder team along with our wives at our Elder Summit. We will laugh and have fun together. We will pray together and spend time in the Word together. We will talk about our walk with God and how to lead out of our relationship with him. Pray that God would refresh our hearts and renew our perspectives this weekend.
  2. Pray for our efforts in 2020. We have another big year ahead of us related to the Strategic Plan and other initiatives and opportunities God has put in front of us. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Pray that we would do God’s work in dependence on him and not ourselves.
  3. Pray for us and our personal worlds. No elder is without an uphill climb of some kind in his personal life. Pray for us that we would grow in Christlikeness and honor God in each assignment he gives us.

Thank you for the privilege to serve as your elders. We have a lot of room to grow and we certainly make mistakes along the way. We thank God for his work in and through us, though, and are excited to be a part of this church, this team, and God’s mission.