A Jesus Christmas

A Promised Child

Genesis 21:1-7

Stephen Weinkauf

December 2, 2018


In this greater narrative until of Genesis 11:27-21:7, God has brought Abraham and Sarah on a journey. They’ve struggled with the tension between their physical limitations and God’s promises. They’ve had highs and lows on this journey, but God has used all of that to bring them into a deeper faith and a deeper joy. As we walk through life, as we struggle to believe the promises we have in Christ, we can recognize that God is using the highs and lows of our life to bring us into deeper faith and deeper joy.


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A Child is Born

Isaiah 9:1-7

Abraham Cremeens

December 9, 2018


God is all about reversals. Isaiah 9 describes an instance where God would step in and reverse the situation for Israel. The Assyrians oppressed the Israelites. This came as a result of Israel’s decision to forsake God and his covenant. However, all along God knew he would reverse the situation for his people. He would reverse gloom to glory, darkness to light, and oppression to freedom. He would do this through a Child yet to be born–King Jesus.


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Preparing the Path

Luke 1:67-79

Paul Briggs

December 16, 2018


The follower of Jesus has countless reasons to praise him. Two are specifically are that he has (a) visited and (b) redeemed his people. Luke 1:67-79 is Zechariah’s prophecy that he speaks after not being able to talk for about 9 months. Zechariah’s inability to speak was brought on by his unbelief in the message brought to him by the angelic messenger, Gabriel. The message Gabriel brought to Zechariah was that he and his wife, Elizabeth, would miraculously have a child in their old age (Luke 1:8-20). Despite the protests of the neighbors and relatives of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Zechariah insists that the child be named John, (as Gabriel had said he would be). Immediately Zechariah’s mouth was opened and his tongue was loosed and praise to God flowed from it.


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The Joy of a Jesus Christmas

Matthew 2:1-12

Will Peycke

December 23, 2018


A Jesus Christmas is a joyful Christmas. The experience of Christmas may mean different things to different people, but the reality of Christmas is Jesus Christ. That means the most pressing issue for each of us this Christmas has nothing to do with presents, stockings, mistletoe, or even family. It is the posture of our heart toward Jesus.

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