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The Journey and Community

Psalm 133 & 134

Abraham Cremeens

August 12, 2018

Both Psalm 133 and 134 fit well together, and especially as concluding psalms for the Songs of Ascent. The first psalm calls us to look around us at the community that God himself has built. As diverse as the old covenant people of God were, they were brothers dwelling together in unity. This work toward community, that God himself was doing, was both good and pleasant, something to be received, enjoyed, and celebrated. As important as community is, though, it is not the end of the road. God’s design for community is that the unified people of God gather in worship, to bless him.

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The Psalms of Ascent (Ps 120-134) offer us help on the journey of our lives as we walk with God through the good times and bad. These psalms help us approach God in worship via avenues of lament, thanksgiving, praise, and celebration. They lead us into worship on the journey: bringing who we are (transparency) to who God is (confidence) together with God’s people (community).  

In Titus, we find the fundamentals of a healthy church. God is clear that the church must have biblical leadership, a growing understanding of God’s Word, and a pursuit of godly living. 

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