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    Men's Summit 2017

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    Registration is $60. The summit will be Friday, September 29 at 7:30p until Saturday at 4:00p. We will be staying at Camp Tecumseh in the Leadership Center. Directions to the Leadership Center.  


    Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Let’s face it: being a man is hard. The strain of leading and serving often leaves us tired, discouraged, and cynical. Feeling defeated and robbed of joy, we settle for less. We expect less.

    But we don't have to! There is a path back to joy, a way to ease the weight of the burdens you carry. How? Not by becoming stronger, but by admitting you are weak.

    We initially receive Jesus because we are weak, but somehow we forget that helplessness is also how the Christian life works. There is nothing more difficult to learn than dependence. The men’s summit will disciple you in specific, concrete ways that you can put into action in your life. Together, we will make the most difficult of all journeys: to become like a little child, living life in dynamic connection with our Father. The journey to dependent masculinity.