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    Our Values

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    What we as a congregation hold in the highest esteem

    1. God’s glory is our concern.  
    Therefore, we focus our lives, message and ministry on his supremacy and beauty.
    2. Truth is our foundation. 
    Therefore the preaching, teaching and message of the Scriptures is primary in everything we do.
    3. Love is our passion.
    Therefore our greatest delight is simply loving God and loving people.
    4. Dependence is our strength. 
    Therefore we rely on prayer and God’s Spirit to empower our lives and ministry.
    5. Generosity is our standard. 
    Therefore we seek ways to respond to needs with grace as people who have received in abundance.
    6. Faithfulness is our privilege. 
    Therefore we fulfill our responsibilities as servants with joy as unto the Lord.
    7.The world is our responsibility. 
    Therefore we strive to proclaim Christ both in our neighborhood and around the world.