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    WedMay92012 ByDon WhippleTaggedChange Church Community

    Of the many possible “take aways” this cartoon humorously captures, one is that change can be a hard thing to process. Opportunity to grow, serve or advance in holiness is a terrible thing to waste. We are commanded to redeem or make the best use of every opportunity that comes our way as we recognize the harsh realities of the world we live in (Eph. 5:16; Col. 4:5). 

    Each of us has a blessed opportunity this week to rethink and renew how we approach and participate in "church" at KSBC. A blessing of the service time change is that we have opportunity to connect the dots in a fresh way between all kinds of mundane and eternally important questions like what time do we have to get up Sunday morning? Why do we "go to church"? What is our role in the church? Here are a few specific suggestions to consider in taking full advantage of the opportunity before you.

    1. Think and talk together about what the church is. Is it something you attend, a place to go, some meetings to check off, or a community that you joyfully participate in? Consider that this may be a good time to upgrade your understanding and respect for truths found in Ephesians 4:11-16, Hebrews 10:23-25 and what we are learning in our 1 Corinthians study. The gathered church has a special honor that needs to be protected and preserved in our busy and sometimes profanely distracted lives.

    2. Plan to expand your outreach. First, think of who in your sphere of influence you could prayerfully invite to come to church with you so that they will be exposed to the church, experience the church gathered, and be drawn to the church’s Head, Jesus Christ. We have regularly heard testimonies of that taking place. Second, once you have walked into the room where the church is gathered, pick a new neighborhood to sit and sing in. Your old friends will understand that you are not forsaking them. We all understand that we are on mission to spread the beauty and joy of Jesus, even when the church gathers.

    3. Grow (even more) in serving others. This is a great opportunity to break out of old habits and begin new determined and intentional ones. How can you be the presence of Christ to this wonderful community of God called people? Sundays are a gathering of people who need to hear from God and you that the gospel is worth living and dying for. Please consider how you intentionally stimulate and love others in such practical ways as arriving early, parking far away, engaging others in encouraging conversation, singing loudly and all that stuff that loving families do for each other because of God’s great love.

    Please pray for me and my family as we rethink our Saturday and Sunday routine with the goal in mind of participating in our church community for the greatest glory to God and the greatest joy for ourselves and others. Back to the cartoon; see you this Sunday morning some time!

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    On 5/12/02012 1:20 AM, John Pirolo said... Truth be told, I do deeply miss my ability to attend regularly and experience the uniqueness of God's family @ KSBC in our learning from the "Word", singing, and fellowship. It is hard for me to remain spiritually focused when away from Gods family of believers who encourage each others commitment to Christ!!!
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