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    MonMondayOctOctober16th2017 Mission Far (Ephesians 1-2) Sermon on this week is a beginning of two weeks "Mission Week" series. Today, we study responsibility of local church to support "Mission Far". Pastor L.H. teaches three components of the mission, which are its scope, means, and calling. This week... More Audio 2017-10-15_1030_LHfinalMb.mp3
    SunSundayOctOctober8th2017 Justification: How We Find Peace (Romans 1:16-17) As a young man, Martin Luther was haunted by the idea of God’s righteousness. He saw it as a terrifying reminder of the justice of a holy God who wouldn’t tolerate sin. But as he looked deeper into scripture, he saw another way to... More Audio 2017-10-08_1030_DTHfinal.mp3
    SunSundayOctOctober1st2017 All Hands on Deck (James 5:19-20) The Christian life is filled with dangers. We’re all just a few bad decisions away from finding ourselves spiritually adrift. But the good news is that God has mobilized a rescue team to bring us back when we wander. That rescue team is the... More Audio 2017-10-01_1030_DTHfinal.mp3
    SunSundaySepSeptember24th2017 Tough Questions about Sickness and Healing (James 5:13-18) If you’re physically weary and burdened by sickness, this passage toward the end of James should be an incredible encouragement to you. It shows you that God cares about your physical well-being, and he is able to intervene to restore you to... More Audio 2017-09-24_1030_DTHfinal.mp3
    SunSundaySepSeptember17th2017 The Long View (James 5:7-12) When life is hard and difficulties mount, how can we persevere in our faith without losing heart? James calls us to take the “long view”—a perspective that sees beyond the here-and-now. This requires us to be patient and trust in a... More Audio 2017-09-17_1030_DTHfinal.mp3
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